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With flesh colours ranging from white, orange and yellow, sweet potatoes are ovate and cylindrical with golden brown or white-brown skin and a delicious sweet flavour. 
While the white fleshed are firm, orange fleshed are softer. 

Storage and Uses

Potatoes should always be stored in a cool, dark and dry place that is preferably in your visibility. If not attended to for a long time these potatoes will begin to sprout due to preferable environment conditions like that under the soil and end up loosing nutritional value. 
Never keep under direct sunlight as they soon turn green due to the chlorophyll produced which releases some toxic substances. 

Refrigeration adversely affects the flavour of potatoes, therefore it is best to store them in paper bags. Remember, plastic bags promote moisture and speed decay process. 

Sweet Potatoes are used in both sweet and savoury preparations. They can be baked, roasted, steamed, grilled and deep fried. >Also can be cooked and added to noodles, rice and curries. 
pregnancy and breast feeding.

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