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Black raisins locally known as Zeerish are a popular variety of dried grapes. These raisins generally do not contain seeds and they are sweet in taste. It is because of this natural sweetness that they are used in a wide variety of baked goods like cookies, cakes, and pies. Black raisins also have been used in many traditional medicinal applications like treating cough and inflammation in the respiratory tract.

Black raisins help prevent cavities and gum diseases, manage diabetes, boost cognition, regulate digestion, and maintain healthy blood pressure as well as cholesterol levels.

Eating black raisins regularly can be extremely helpful for you. They are a significant source of dietary fiber and polyphenols, which may protect your heart health.

Soaking black raisins in water overnight and having them early in the morning is an age-old remedy used for treating high blood pressure.

Including black raisins in your diet is a great way to keep your gums and teeth strong.

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